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At Yesterday’s Hearing, Jan. 6 Committee Discusses “Wild Protest” Doug Mastriano Promoted

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Mastriano’s Ties to Jan. 6 Insurrection Once Again Highlighted at Bipartisan Jan. 6 Committee Hearing

At the bipartisan Jan. 6 Committee hearing yesterday, Doug Mastriano’s involvement in the deadly insurrection once again took center stage with the committee discussing the “Wild Protest” occurring on the Capitol grounds that Mastriano not only promoted but was also slated to speak at alongside fellow extremists like Roger Stone and “Stop the Steal” activist Ali Alexander.

“While the full extent of Doug Mastriano’s participation in the deadly insurrection is still becoming clear, he has already been a staple of bipartisan Jan. 6 Committee hearings — and yesterday, his extremism was front and center as Pennsylvanians learned of his involvement in the ‘Wild Protest’ on the Capitol grounds on Jan. 6,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “There’s no denying that Doug Mastriano is obsessed with dangerous election conspiracies — and is wholly unqualified to be Governor — but at the very least, Pennsylvanians deserve honesty and transparency from Mastriano about his involvement in the plot to throw out Pennsylvanians’ votes.”

Mastriano’s inclusion at yesterday afternoon’s Jan. 6 Committee hearing comes after Mastriano’s “senior legal advisor” Jenna Ellis and prominent fundraiser for his campaign Rudy Giuliani were also featured in committee hearings for their efforts to pressure state and local officials to throw out Pennsylvanians’ votes in the wake of the 2020 presidential election. The Committee has also played footage of the infamous Gettysburg event organized by Mastriano and his associates in an attempt to pressure Pennsylvania officials into throwing out votes on behalf of Donald Trump’s Big Lie.

Previously, Mastriano’s election lies have also been called out in testimony from Trump’s former Attorney General Bill Barr who detailed that former U.S. Attorney Bill McSwain had totally debunked Mastriano’s election lies. Mastriano was subpoenaed for his efforts to attack our democracy — paying to bus Pennsylvanians to the insurrection and seemingly recording riotersfac[ing] off” with law enforcement on the Capitol steps — and now continues to surround himself with insurrectionists, has compared the insurrection to Nazi Germany, and remains obsessed with his “election-takeover plan,” making crystal clear how dangerous and out-of-touch he is.