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Where Are Doug Mastriano’s Insurrection Tapes?

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It’s Been 28 Days Since News First Broke and Mastriano Still Hasn’t Released “Potential Jan. 6 Footage” Taken as Insurrectionists “Face[d] Off with Law Enforcement”

It’s been 28 days since reporting from NBC News uncovered footage that “appear[s] to show Mastriano holding up his cellphone as rioters in the front of the mob face off with police at the Capitol steps,” and despite calls “to release any photos or video he may have taken while on the Capitol grounds,” he has not released any of that potentially important evidence.

While Mastriano’s footage could prove vital in the Jan. 6 Committee’s investigation into the insurrection, Mastriano’s lawyer responded to HuffPost, downplaying Mastriano’s involvement in the deadly insurrection and refusing to share if Mastriano would release the video, instead slamming criticism of Mastriano and his apparent footage as “incoherent.”

“Instead of downplaying the deadly Jan. 6 insurrection, Mastriano should release the footage he apparently took as fellow insurrectionists attacked law enforcement a few feet from him,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “It’s already been proven that Mastriano lied about his involvement in the unprecedented attack on our democracy, and every day more comes to light about how he is wholly unqualified to be governor. Pennsylvanians deserve transparency from Republicans’ insurrectionist nominee, and it’s time for Mastriano to release his Jan. 6th tapes.”

Additionally, this reporting revealed that Mastriano “used campaign donations to pay for a lawyer to represent him to the House committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol,” raising “ethical questions.” Mastriano also used funds from his state Senate campaign to charter buses to take Pennsylvanians to the Capitol on Jan. 6. Notably, one person who rode on those buses has been charged for their role in the insurrection, joining at least four additional Mastriano supporters who have been charged for their involvement in the insurrection.