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As Marylander and Capitol Police Officer Testifies On Jan. 6 Insurrection, Silent Schulz Must Answer Whether Trump Is to Blame

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Today, Marylander and Capitol police officer Harry Dunn testified before Congress that insurrectionists said Donald Trump invited them as they stormed the Capitol on January 6th, raising the question for GOP candidate for governor Kelly Schulz: do you think Trump was to blame for the violent mob that stormed the Capitol?

This comes as Silent Kelly Schulz recently sent out a solicitation for campaign cash, claiming she supports law enforcement. However, Schulz has repeatedly avoided condemning Trump, even when it comes to the violent attack that led to the death of law enforcement officials and threatened the lives of Marylanders like Officer Dunn.

Silent Schulz has previously refused to call out GOP congressman and potential candidate for governor Andy Harris after he voted against establishing a bipartisan commission to investigate the insurrection. Schulz also refuses to stand up to Trump’s absurd efforts to conduct sham election audits around the country based on the same dangerous lies that led to the insurrection.

With hardcore Trump loyalist Delegate Daniel Cox jumping into the race and former GOP Chair Michael Steele giving the race a look, Maryland’s MAGA primary is set to be a contest about far-right Republican loyalty tests — and Schulz won’t be able to stay silent much longer.

DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton said: “As Capitol police officers — many of whom are Maryland residents — expose the horrors of the violent January 6th insurrection, Silent Schulz must answer whether she thinks Trump is to blame. The longer Schulz stays silent, the more clear it becomes she’s willing to always put politics first — no matter the cost to Marylanders.”