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Maryland’s MAGA Primary: Delegate Dan Cox’s Candidacy Brings Chaos to GOP Primary as Silent Schulz Remains MIA

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DGA Calls on Schulz to Condemn Cox For Arranging Buses to the Deadly Jan. 6th Insurrection

Look out — this race is about to get messy. Hardcore MAGA loyalist and Maryland Delegate Daniel Cox has filed paperwork to jump into Maryland’s GOP primary for governor, all but ensuring it will be a race defined by Pro-Trump loyalty tests.

The fierce Trump supporter notoriously arranged for two buses to take far-right extremists to the January 6th Trump rally that led to a deadly attack on the United States Capitol. Cox also expressed his support for the leader of the far-right Proud Boys and called Mike Pence a “traitor” as the Capitol was being stormed.

Meanwhile, fellow GOP candidate Silent Kelly Schulz has barely made a peep since joining the race over two months ago. Cox’s entrance to the primary means she must immediately condemn his far-right extremism.

Silent Schulz, who attended Trump’s inaugural gala in 2017, refuses to speak out against Trump and the Republican party’s growing extremism, including ongoing sham partisan election audits and efforts to overturn the 2020 election. She’s also refused to publicly support the American Rescue Plan, which is providing crucial economic relief to Marylanders.

“Welcome to Maryland’s super MAGA primary for governor. After two months of hiding for Silent Schulz, State Delegate Dan Cox’s entrance into the race shows that anything but die-hard loyalty to Trump won’t cut it in a GOP primary — even in deep-blue Maryland,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “Schulz has plenty of questions to answer but should start by immediately condemning Cox for arranging buses to the deadly January 6th insurrection. But no matter what she says, it’s clear Maryland Republicans are in for a nasty primary that will be defined by unpopular, pro-Trump loyalty tests.”