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As GOP Rep. Andy Harris Opposes Bipartisan January 6 Commission, Marylanders Deserve To Know Where Kelly Schulz Stands

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The Maryland GOP primary for governor will be a test of loyalty to Trump, but current GOP gubernatorial candidate Kelly Schulz has remained silent on Maryland’s congressional Republican opposing a bipartisan commission to investigate the deadly violence of January 6. 

Maryland GOP Rep. Andy Harris, a Trump acolyte and potential candidate for governor, chose to once again side with insurrectionists yesterday when he voted against the measure establishing a bipartisan commission to investigate the deadly January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol. 

With Harris doubling down on his loyalty to Trump, Marylanders deserve to know where Schulz stands. Schulz has avoided answering questions about Trump – making it “hard to read her feelings.”

It’s especially shameful that Schulz has remained silent as capital police officers – many who are Maryland residents – are calling for the bipartisan commission. 

This comes as nonpartisan election analysts are raising alarms for Republicans in deep blue Maryland.

“It’s shameful that Kelly Schulz is staying silent on the January 6 violence and refusing to support the bipartisan commission,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “The fact that Congressman Harris voted to side once again with the insurrectionists just puts even more pressure on Schulz. Marylanders deserve to know where she stands, and this will be a major issue for her and any other Maryland Republican running for governor.”