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Arizona Republic Column Praises Gov. Hobbs’ “Gutsy Ability to Govern”

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Arizona Republic Column Praises Gov. Hobbs’ “Gutsy Ability to Govern”

A new column from the Arizona Republic praised Governor Katie Hobbs for her  tremendous leadership in striking deals with the Republican-controlled legislature, and securing big wins for the people of Arizona.

This comes on the heels of Hobbs landing a major bipartisan win earlier this week that allows residents of Maricopa County to vote on continuing Proposition 400 to “continue 20 years of funding for road and other transportation improvements.”

The Arizona Republic columnist wrote“Hobbs showed decisive leadership, forging ahead with the best possible outcome under a divided state government.”

Gov. Hobbs has continually shown her commitment to working across the aisle to deliver the best results for Arizona with the Governor working with both sides of the aisle earlier this year to deliver a budget that “helps move Arizona forward, especially in the crucial areas of public education, housing and aid for homeless people.”

Click here to read the full column.