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Arizona Republic Editorial: “Gov. Katie Hobbs made progress on Democratic priorities and avoided a costly impasse with Republicans. That’s good for Arizona.”

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 Arizona Republic Editorial: “Gov. Katie Hobbs made progress on Democratic priorities and avoided a costly impasse with Republicans. That’s good for Arizona.”

Yesterday, the Arizona Republic Editorial Board highlighted Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs leadership skills in delivering a bipartisan budget that fixes some of the state’s biggest issues, saying the governor demonstrated “assertive dealmaking, willing her first state budget through the Republican-controlled Legislature.”

The editorial praised Gov. Hobbs for her ability to deliver on campaign promises while navigating a Republican dominated legislature saying she “deserves credit for negotiating a budget that helps move Arizona forward, especially in the crucial areas of public education, housing and aid for homeless people.”

They also noted her commitment to working across the aisle: “Hobbs said she’d work with anyone on real issues. That she struck a compromise with Republicans, many of them ideologues, and irked those in her own camp showed a discipline and commitment to her pledge.”

Here’s additional media coverage about how Gov. Hobb’s bipartisan budget is benefiting Arizona:

12 NEWS: Arizona’s new budget allocates $150 million for providing affordable housing 


The new budget makes a $150 million deposit into the Arizona Housing Trust Fund. It’s “more than double the largest deposit ever made,” Gov. Hobbs said.

The budget also allocates $60 million toward homeless shelters and services.”

[The deposits] will support existing programs and build upon their capacity to outreach and support seniors that are either unsheltered or experiencing homelessness for the first time,” said Joan Serviss, director of the Department of Housing.

The money will go towards developing shelters, preventing evictions, providing rent assistance, and building affordable housing. Groups such as Central Arizona Shelter Services (CASS) and the Soluna Apartments affordable housing community praised the increased focus on this area.

Additionally, the new budget puts $650 million towards infrastructure and broadband improvement, focusing on rural communities without access to such services. Officials said that allotment will also go towards providing healthcare insurance to roughly 12,000 children by 2025.


ABC 15: Governor Hobbs touts budget win and money for affordable housing, homelessness 


In the 2024 budget, Governor Katie Hobbs wanted and received $150 million for the State’s Housing Trust Fund.

The money will bolster rent and utility assistance programs, eviction prevention, develop new shelters and build affordable housing.

“This is more than doable. The largest deposit that’s been made and I’m so proud that we were able to deliver that,” said Governor Hobbs during an event highlighting what is an historic investment in affordable housing and homelessness.

The Soluna Apartment complex is in the first phase of an affordable and workforce housing development the City of Phoenix and the Arizona Department of Housing are currently working on in Edison Park.

KTAR: Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs calls new budget ‘important step forward’ 


“To be here signing my first budget into law over a month before the deadline speaks to the promise that I made to put partisan politics aside and deliver for Arizonans,” the Democrat said during her first press conference since signing a $17.8 billion budget package on Thursday.

“I know not everyone got what they wanted, including me, but I am grateful to the legislative leaders who were able to put their differences aside and support a bipartisan deal.

”Hobbs, speaking from an affordable housing development in Phoenix, singled out a $150 million deposit into the Housing Trust Fund, more than double the previous largest contribution.

“These funds will be used to finance additional affordable housing projects, prevent evictions and develop new shelter facilities, each of which are crucial to addressing the current housing crisis projects,” she said.

Hobbs also touted her first spending package’s $650 million investment in infrastructure for roads, bridges and broadband.

“While this budget is not perfect, it is an important step forward for our state and for the working people who will have an affordable house to live in, new roads and bridges and access to health care for their kids.”