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After Getting Caught Promising to “Unravel” Abortion Access, Dave Reichert Launches New Ad Lying to Washington Voters

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After Getting Caught Promising to “Unravel” Abortion Access, Dave Reichert Launches New Ad Lying to Washington Voters 

As former Congressman Dave Reichert is facing increasing backlash for his harmful position on ripping away reproductive rights, including a new report this week revealing he promised to “unravel” state laws at an event held by an extreme anti-abortion group, he is now trying to lie to Washington voters.

Reichert is desperately launching a misleading ad, where he claims, “I do not believe any politician, regardless of personal belief, has the right to make that decision.”

Unfortunately for Reichert, Washington voters know the truth about his real anti-abortion record, including: voting for a national abortion ban, voting to make it harder for women to access birth control, and voting against funding for Planned Parenthood. Just days after launching his campaign for governor, Reichert even reaffirmed his belief that life begins at conception, and has been referred to as an “anti-abortion stalwart” by The Seattle Times.

As recently as April, Reichert also spoke at a town hall event hosted by the extreme anti-abortion group Firmly Planted Action, which has called for “end[ing] abortion once and for all” and celebrated the overturning of Roe v. Wade and whose founder also promised to roll back Washingtonians’ abortion rights. As KUOW reported, when asked if he would eliminate funds for Planned Parenthood, Reichert “responded by talking about ‘unraveling’ certain state laws, and getting more people elected to make changes through the Legislature over time…” 

“Dave Reichert is hoping Washington voters will fall for his election year lies, but his long track record of voting against abortion rights – and his promises to his supporters behind closed doors – tells the real story,” said DGA States Press Secretary Emma O’Brien. “After repeatedly voting to strip Washingtonians of their reproductive freedom, why would anyone believe him now? Reichert knows the only way he has a chance of winning is if he lies. He won’t get away with it, and we will continue reminding Washingtonians about Reichert’s dangerous and extreme anti-abortion track record every chance we get.”