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  • DGA Congratulates Governor Hickenlooper on his Reelection

    WASHINGTON, DC – Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin, Chair of the Democratic Governors Association, today issued the following statement on the reelection of Governor John Hickenlooper: “On behalf of Democratic governors across the country, I would like to congratulate Governor John Hickenlooper on his well-deserved reelection victory. Governor Hickenlooper brought Colorado’s economy back by working across the aisle […]
  • DGA Congratulates David Ige on His Victory in Hawaii

    WASHINGTON, DC – Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin, Chair of the Democratic Governors Association, tonight issued the following statement congratulating David Ige on his victory in Hawaii: “Tonight, the people of Hawaii elected a true champion of middle-class families to be their next Governor.  David Ige has dedicated his life’s work to strengthening Hawaii’s schools, creating jobs, […]

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Wendy Davis
Republican Governor Rick Perry has slashed billions from public education. His chosen successor, Republican Attorney General Greg Abbott, has promised to carry on Perry’s disastrous legacy. Democrat Wendy Davis stood up and filibustered a budget that slashed over $5 billion from public schools. She’ll fight every day to ensure that hard work and determination are rewarded in Texas and everybody has the chance to succeed.
David Ige
Ige 2
Hawaii state is at a crossroads, and it is time for real and enduring solutions to ensure that we create opportunities for our children and future generations. Hawaii need to strengthen and diversify our economy, improve education, and re-engineer government to better serve the people.
Jerry Brown
Jerry Brown
Since taking office in 2010, Democrat Jerry Brown has dramatically cut the state budget deficit, improved California’s credit ratings and cut waste and inefficiencies throughout government. Governor Brown also enacted historic public safety realignment, raised the state’s clean energy goal to 33 percent and is seeking the public’s support for new revenues to protect education and public safety funds.
Fred DuVal
DuVal 1
During Republican Governor Jan Brewer's tenure, common civility has been replaced by polarized anger. Arizona suffers from a lack of investment, jobs have vanished, and growth is stalled. Democrat Fred DuVal has a record of solving problems and getting things done without regard to politics or party. He led bipartisan efforts to create Arizona's Medicaid system and reform the federal welfare system, while as a member of Board of Regents he found savings and innovations to keep higher education more affordable.
Mike Ross
Mike Ross
Republican Asa Hutchinson is a DC insider and lobbyist who has spent more than a decade living and working in DC—he was even registered to vote in Virginia. Hutchinson has been running for statewide office for more than 28 years and has lost every single time. Democrat Mike Ross is a dedicated life-long public servant who will fight to protect Arkansas farmers and provide universal access to pre-K programs.
John Hickenlooper
Hickenlooper and Flags
Under Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper’s leadership, Colorado has come back from the recession and risen from 40th to 4th in the nation in job growth. Governor Hickenlooper understands access to higher education increases economic growth, strengthens the middle class, and creates a competitive workforce in the state.
Dan Malloy
Governor Dan Malloy has focused on strengthening Connecticut’s future by giving businesses the help they need to grow and create good jobs, raising Connecticut's minimum wage to $10.10 an hour, and reducing the state’s long-term debt. Malloy's opponents would take Connecticut backwards by reducing critical investments in infrastructure, education, and job creation.
Charlie Crist
Republican Governor Rick Scott decided against expanding Medicaid, denying over 1 million Floridians access to health insurance and rejecting $51 billion in federal funding. Democrat Charlie Crist understands that all Floridians deserve healthcare and will fight to make that a reality as governor.
Jason Carter
Republican Governor Nathan Deal counties to face ethical investigations, after a jury found that the former director of the state ethics commission was pushed out of her job for investigating Governor Deal’s 2010 campaign. In the Senate, Democrat Jason Carter has worked across partisan lines to bring an honest debate to the state legislature on issues that matter to Georgia families. He has fought for public education, worked to make sure small businesses get the same benefits as big companies, and advocated for stronger ethics laws to make sure that Georgia has an honest government.
A.J. Balukoff
Under Republican Governor Butch Otter, Idaho ranks 50th in the nation in per-pupil investment and the state ranks 47th in the rate of high school graduates who go on to college. State cuts in education spending have forced 40 districts to hold school only four days a week. Democrat A.J. Balukoff will ensure that every Idaho child has an equal opportunity for a quality education.
Pat Quinn
pat quinn
When Democratic Governor Pat Quinn took office, Illinois was in trouble: two governors in jail, high unemployment, and the worst recession since the Great Depression. But Governor Quinn has turned the state around, proving to be an ethical leader focused on creating middle-class jobs. Republican challenger Bruce Rauner is a billionaire who talks about being in the top .01 percent of Americans, and that’s exactly who his policies are designed to help. Rauner wants to cut the minimum wage, gut education and public safety, and cut taxes for the wealthiest so the very top can profit at the expense of the middle class.
Jack Hatch
Hatch 2
In Republican Governor Terry Branstad's administration, scandal too often trumps substance. Branstad's administration is facing allegations of pushing dozens of state officials out of their jobs while paying some to keep quiet about it. keeping an illegal blacklist of banned former employees, and badly mishandling unemployment cases. Iowa needs a Democratic governor who will clean up the mess in Des Moines.
Paul Davis
Republican Governor Sam Brownback's cuts to education have been so detrimental, the Kansas Supreme Court ordered the state to restore about $130 million to public schools. Democrat Paul Davis understands that the opportunities Kansas students have in public schools will impact their future opportunities and the state economy.
Mike Michaud
Michael Michaud
During his time as governor, Republican Governor Paul LePage has attacked a lawmaker in vile sexual terms, threatened to "blow up" a major newspaper, compared the Affordable Care Act to the Holocaust and the IRS to the Gestapo, told the NAACP to "kiss my butt," and claimed that President Obama hates white people. He has repeatedly pushed his right-wing ideology on the families of Maine. Democrat Mike Michaud will work in a bipartisan way to create jobs, improve schools, expand access to affordable healthcare, promote innovation and entrepreneurship, strengthen the middle class, and protect the environment.
Anthony G. Brown
Brown 2
Democratic Governor Martin O’Malley has worked to create jobs, expand opportunity for the middle class and improve access to education throughout the state. O'Malley expanded pre-kindergarten for children, improved public safety, raised the minimum wage, and banned gender identity discrimination. Anthony Brown will continue to build on Governor O’Malley’s progress.

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Martha Coakley
Coakley 2
Democratic Governor Deval Patrick worked to bring Massachusetts out of the recession. By last year, the state had gained back all its jobs lost during that time. Patrick worked to grow the economy by making investments in education, innovation and infrastructure. Martha Coakley will continue to build on Governor Patrick’s progress.
Mark Schauer
Mark Schauer
Republican Governor Rick Snyder has rewarded the wealthy with tax giveaways and paid for it by making cuts to schools and education. Snyder cut corporate taxes by $1.8 billion, even for companies that shipped jobs overseas and has cut K-12 education by more than $1 billion. In Congress, Democrat Mark Schauer fought of access to early childhood education and for lower interest rates on student loans. Schauer knows that access to education will straighten the economy with a competitive workforce and a stronger middle class.
Mark Dayton
Mark Dayton
When Democratic Governor Mark Dayton he took office, Minnesota was facing a projected $6 billion budget deficit. Now the state has a projected $1 billion surplus for the rest of this biennium and a $2.2 billion surplus forecasted for the next one. Dayton accomplished this while also keeping his promise to increase K-12 education funding every year.
Chuck Hassebrook
Republican Governor Dave Heineman slashed taxes for the wealthy, while doing little to improve the quality of life for average Nebraskans. Nebraska needs a Democratic governor who will make middle class job growth a top priority.
Democrat T.B.D.
Republican Governor Brian Sandoval's administration has been caught up in a shocking scandal involving the discharge of mentally ill patients by bus to other states. Meanwhile, Nevada leads the nation in unemployment and foreclosure rates and remains dead last in education. It's time to replace Sandoval with a Democratic governor who will Sandoval's mess and get Nevada's economy back on track.
Maggie Hassan
maggie hassan
Democratic Governor Maggie Hassan froze in-state tuition at public colleges and universities, doubled and made permanent New Hampshire's research and development tax credit, and provided businesses with technical assistance to help them create jobs.
Democrat T.B.D.
Under Republican Governor Susana Martinez, New Mexico ranks dead last among the 50 states in overall child welfare. Martinez even vetoed an increase in the state's minimum wage that would have helped thousands of working families. It's time to replace Martinez with a Democrat who will put the middle class first.
Andrew Cuomo
Andrew Cuomo
Under Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo, New York added 380,000 new private sector jobs since 2010. New York is now ranked number two in the nation in number of jobs created since the recession, and the state now has the lowest middle class rate in over sixty years. With this record of solid results, Cuomo is heavily favored to win re-election.
Ed FitzGerald
Ed Fitzgerald
Under Republican Governor John Kasich, the middle class has seen cuts in education and public safety in order to give the wealthiest and well-connected tax breaks and special deals. Kasich attacked women's health care rights, suppressed the right to vote, and launched a direct assault on Ohio's workers. As an FBI agent and county executive, Democrat Ed FitzGerald's career has been defined by rooting out corruption, restoring integrity in government, and promoting policies that strengthen the middle class and expand economic opportunity.
Joe Dorman
Dorman 2
At a time when many Democratic governors are passing minimum wage increases, Republican Governor Mary Fallin has gone in the opposite direction, signing a law banning cities from passing higher wages. The bill also bans them from enacting paid sick days or vacation requirements. The hardworking people of Oklahoma deserve better from their elected leaders.
John Kitzhaber
John Kitzhaber
Under Democratic Governor John Kitzhaber, Oregon erased one of the largest per capita budget deficits in the nation, earning an upgrade of the state credit rating from AA to AA+. In the past three years the state has created over 60,000 jobs and reduced unemployment by two percentage points.
Tom Wolf
Republican Governor Tom Corbett cut taxes for the wealthy and corporations while cutting $1 billion from public schools and universities. As a result, teachers faced layoffs, schools saw an increase in class size, and college students got hit with a tuition increase. Pennsylvania needs a governor who understands that investments in education are the key to growing the economy. As CEO, Democrat Tom Wolf turned a family business into America's largest supplier of kitchen cabinets. Tom will make sure Pennsylvania invests in education and preserves opportunity for future generations.
Gina Raimondo
Raimondo 2
Democratic Governor Lincoln Chafee has signed marriage equality into law, spearheaded health care reform, and launched green infrastructure initiatives – critical ingredients for a thriving Rhode Island. Gina Raimondo will continue to move the state forward.
Vincent Sheheen
Vincent Sheheen
Republican Governor Nikki Haley can¹t be trusted: from the hacking scandal that occurred under her watch, to the outbreak of tuberculosis in schools that her administration tried to cover up, it's clear Haley can't do her job. Democrat Vincent Sheheen will be an honest and ethical leader who will protect children in schools, reform state government and get rid of any fraud in the government.
Democrat T.B.D.
Republican Governor Dennis Daugaard rejected federal funds to expand Medicaid for the state's poorest citizens, even though the state would have 100 percent of the expansion paid by the federal government through 2016 and 90 percent paid for by 2020. South Dakota deserves a Democratic governor who will put the people of South Dakota first.
Democrat T.B.D.
Republican Governor Bill Haslam made it a crime for women who struggle with addiction or substance abuse to carry a pregnancy to term, even though such measures are opposed by the American Medical Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, and the American Public Health Association. Tennessee deserves a new governor who will refrain from attacking women to score political points.
Peter Shumlin
Peter Shumlin
As DGA Chair, Democrat Peter Shumlin is responsible for helping to elect Democrat governors. As governor of Vermont, Shumlin signed a bill establishing universal insurance coverage for all residents and created new community centers to fight the rising heroin epidemic in the state.
Mary Burke
Mary Burke
Republican Governor Scott Walker has failed to deliver on the core promise of his 2010 campaign: that he’d create 250,000 new private-sector jobs. While failing to create the climate for growth that allow new businesses, he made cuts to education to pay for tax cuts for the wealthiest and major corporations. Democrat Mary Burke will put the needs of Wisconsin first by strengthening the middle class, investing in education, making college more affordable, cutting taxes for small businesses, and improving job training programs.

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