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Headshot of Kansas Governor Laura Kelly on a blue background.

Laura Kelly

Governor of Kansas

On January 14, 2019, Laura Kelly became the 48th Governor of the State of Kansas.

Governor Kelly grew up in a military family and learned the importance of service, integrity, and accountability at a young age. She lived all over the world, but she and her family wanted to put down roots in a place with great public schools and vibrant communities. Kansas was an obvious choice.

Governor Kelly was a longtime executive director of the Recreation and Park Association in Kansas. Her role gave her an opportunity to travel to every corner of Kansas, where she gained extensive knowledge of the state and developed a passion for improving Kansas communities and Kansans’ quality of life.

Gov. Laura Kelly bumps elbows with a high school student.As a state senator for 14 years, Kelly was a leading voice in promoting healthy families in Kansas and the importance of top-notch public schools in communities of all sizes. She built a reputation as a no-nonsense leader who worked with Democrats and Republicans alike to get things done.

As governor, Kelly has worked tirelessly to rebuild the state’s broken foundation. Since taking office, she fulfilled her promise to fully fund public schools, she led the passage of a comprehensive 10-year infrastructure plan, and she has rebuilt Kansas’ economic development recruitment tools. All while balancing the state’s budget two years in a row, as promised.

She continues to pursue policies good for Kansas families and is fighting to expand affordable health care to approximately 150,000 Kansans.

Kelly and her husband Ted Daughety, a doctor of pulmonary and sleep disorders, were married in 1983. They have two grown daughters, Kathleen Daughety and Molly Daughety.

Kelly has made it her life’s work to fight for children and families in her community, on the job, as a four-term state senator, and now as Governor.