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Youngkin Campaign Surrogates Already Claiming the Election Will Be Stolen From Them

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With weeks to go until election day, key allies on Glenn Youngkin’s campaign are peering into their ‘Big Lie’ crystal ball and already claiming that Democrats are trying to steal the election from them.

On a right-wing talk show, top Youngkin surrogate, and Virginia’s most prominent election conspiracy theorist, Amanda Chase, made absurd and baseless claims that Democrats would steal the Virginia gubernatorial election, saying “I know how they’re stealing elections, and we’re not gonna let that happen this year.” 

Chase’s false claims echo similar ones made by Youngkin’s top endorser, Donald Trump, who recently encouraged his right-wing supporters to surveil the results of the upcoming election, saying, “You know how they cheat in elections. The Virginia governor’s election — you better watch it.”

Chase has issued previous threats and warnings that the election will be stolen when serving as an official surrogate for Youngkin’s campaign. When speaking at an anti-abortion rally where she said, “because the Democrats like to cheat, you have to cast your vote before they do,” Chase insisted she was reading straight from the Youngkin campaign’s script.

Like his top surrogate and beloved endorser, Youngkin has also parroted dangerous lies and conspiracies that the 2020 election was stolen throughout his campaign — beginning on day one when he made ‘election integrity’ his landmark policy issue. Youngkin has since gone on to headline a so-called “Election Integrity” Rally and as Washington Post columnist Greg Sargent puts it, has “repeatedly indulged voters who’ve suggested the 2020 voting might have been fraudulent or even that the result might ultimately get overturned by courts.” 

“With less than three weeks until election day, Glenn Youngkin is defaulting to the same dangerous, far-right agenda he’s peddled since day one,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “He’s already indicated he plans on bringing Trumpism to Virginia, and now, he’s directing his campaign to whip up the Virginia edition of Trump’s trademark ‘Big Lie’ that the 2020 election was stolen. Anyone who lets their campaign spread such baseless and dangerous conspiracy theories with zero regard for their impact on public trust in government has absolutely no place serving in it.”