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Yet Another National Analyst Says Rauner’s Reelection is in Trouble

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Inside Elections Ranks IL Gubernatorial Race as “Tilt Democratic,” Confirming Two Similar Rankings Last Week

Yesterday, Inside Elections’ Nathan Gonzales released his new rankings for gubernatorial races across the country and, once again, Governor Bruce Rauner finds himself ranked as the most likely incumbent to lose their seat. The Illinois gubernatorial race is ranked as “Tilt Democrat” and is the only incumbent race which leans to the other party. Roll call wrote:

“Most Democrats regard Rauner, who’s running in a state where Trump failed to reach 40 percent, as this cycle’s most vulnerable incumbent governor. In 2016, in addition to Trump’s 17-point loss to Clinton, GOP Sen. Mark Kirk lost reelection by 15 points to Democrat Tammy Duckworth…Meanwhile, the governor is willing and able to spend tens of millions of dollars to get re-elected. But that doesn’t change the distinct Democratic lean of the state…Tilt D.”

This ranking confirms two rankings released last week that tab Rauner as the most vulnerable incumbent in the nation. Governing Magazine also called the race “Lean Democratic.”
Rauner’s three for three!
“Bruce Rauner’s reelection is in trouble and he only has himself to blame,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “Voters will not forgive him for putting politics ahead of people and forcing the state to go two years without a budget. Rauner’s failed policies inflicted real damage to the state, and to his reelection campaign.”