Yet Again, Fung Silent on Trump’s Plan to Take Health Care From 463,000 Rhode Islanders

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Since the Trump Administration announced it is working to allow insurers to deny coverage to people with pre-existing conditions, Mayor Allan Fung has remained silent. 463,000 Rhode Islanders could potentially lose their access to health care under this latest Trump scheme, yet Fung hasn’t spoken out on their behalf.
Failing to stand up for Rhode Islanders against the Trump Administration’s dangerous agenda is nothing new for Mayor Fung—he regularly ducks questions and refuses to speak out against his own political allies like President Trump.
“When Rhode Islanders need leadership most, Mayor Fung is nowhere to be found,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Fung has shown time and time again that he will not stand up to the Trump Administration and their dangerous agenda that hurts the families and small businesses of the Ocean State. Rhode Island needs a governor who will put people first—and that governor is Gina Raimondo.”