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WRAL: Robinson Comments “Would Fit the Definition of Antisemitism” in New Legislation

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WRAL: Robinson Comments “Would Fit the Definition of Antisemitism” in New Legislation

New reporting from WRAL found that comments made by Lt. Governor Mark Robinson “would fit the definition of antisemitism” under a bill moving through the North Carolina legislature.

This comes after previous reporting has shown how Robinson’s antisemitic comments have put Jewish North Carolinians on “high alert” and earned broad condemnation from across the political spectrum.

Per WRAL, Robinson has “implied the widely accepted figure of 6 million Jews killed by the Nazis was false” and “promoted conspiracy theories about Jewish control over finance and Hollywood.” WRAL found that these statements “from Robinson would fit the definition of antisemitism outlined in the bill.”

When asked explicitly if he would apologize for any of his previous antisemitic remarks and social media posts, Robinson refused, saying, “I apologize for the wording, not necessarily for the content.”

Asked after the bill’s passage about Robinson’s comments, North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore declined to defend Robinson, saying, “I would ask him about that.”

“Mark Robinson’s dangerous antisemitism is indefensible even by his political allies, and it has no place in North Carolina,” said DGA National Press Secretary Devon Cruz. “Robinson’s refusal to apologize for his antisemitic comments and his embrace of dangerous antisemitic conspiracy theories makes the state less safe for North Carolina’s Jewish community, and makes him completely unfit to be the next governor of North Carolina.”