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With Two Weeks Left, Bevin Continues to Have Trouble With Republicans

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The cracks in Bevin’s support among members of his own party are becoming more apparent with two weeks left until Election Day.
In a Washington Post profile of the race, Republican Betty Sanders said she is a strong Trump supporter but won’t vote for Bevin because “there is no excuse for betraying a teacher” and wouldn’t vote for Bevin even if Trump personally asked her to.
Today, Andy Beshear’s campaign announced the endorsement of William Woods, a Republican opponent of Bevin in this year’s gubernatorial primary. Woods said he’s ready for a governor who will “respect all of us.”
Bevin’s worried and it’s probably why he sounds “like a flailing loser.”
“Matt Bevin can’t unite his party around his insults and attacks on public education,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “While Bevin struggles to cobble together support from within his own party, Andy Beshear is uniting Kentuckians of all political stripes because this election is about right versus wrong.”