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With Two IL GOP Congressmen Named to Decisive Tax Committee, Will Rauner Finally Fight for Illinois Families?

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Roskam and Shimkus Will Hammer Out Differences between House and Senate Bills

Governor Bruce Rauner has completely abdicated his responsibilities towards Illinois families on federal matters. From health care to tax reform, Rauner has either been complicity silent or openly supportive of President Trump’s policies. Last week, Rauner expressed support for Congress’ tax bill overhaul while acknowledging it did not help the middle-class. Rauner also would not elaborate on what he would change in the bill as he did not like to “negotiate through the media.”

Well, Rauner now has the perfect someone to negotiate with. Last night, the U.S. House Speaker’s office announced that Illinois Republican Congressmen Peter Roskam and John Shimkus named to the “committee to negotiate the differences between the House and Senate tax overhaul bills.” Roskam and Shimkus are two of only nine Republican House members on the committee, giving them, and Rauner, a great deal of influence in the final bill. 

Will Rauner keep shirking from his responsibilities? Or will he call up his fellow Illinois Republicans? 

“Illinois taxpayers need a fighter but Bruce Rauner won’t answer the call,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “Many Illinois middle-class households will see their taxes rise to pay for cuts for the wealthy and Bruce Rauner has cheered Congress on. Time and again, Rauner has failed the people of Illinois and refused to protect them from President Trump’s policies, including this middle-class tax hike. Rauner’s failure to show leadership is exactly why he’s was named the worst governor by his own party.”