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With Sununu Out and A Messy MAGA Primary Underway, Key Analysts Shift NH-GOV to Toss Up

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With Sununu Out and A Messy MAGA Primary Underway, Key Analysts Shift NH-GOV to Toss Up

After Gov. Chris Sununu announced he will not be seeking a fifth term as Governor of New Hampshire, key political analysts, including Cook Political Report and Sabato’s Crystal Ball, immediately changed their ratings of this race from “solid R” and “likely R” to “toss up,” and Inside Elections called it the “best gubernatorial pickup opportunity” for Democrats in the 2024 cycle.

The MAGA primary to replace Gov. Sununu is already underway, with Chuck Morse making it official, and rumors of other MAGA candidates preparing to get into the race swirling — kicking off an ugly and expensive Republican primary for governor in New Hampshire among a crowded field of candidates with a track record of attacking public education and pushing to restrict women’s reproductive freedom.

The looming primary also promises to be a major headache for national Republicans, after GOP primary voters across the country last cycle consistently nominated the most toxic and extreme candidates — costing the RGA their chance to defend key governorships, including in neighboring Massachusetts.

“With Sununu out, Morse in, and more MAGA extremists in the wings, today officially starts the race to the bottom that will be New Hampshire’s crowded Republican primary for governor,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Izzi Levy. “While the Republican candidates scramble to out-MAGA one another, Granite Staters are looking for a leader who will solve some of their toughest challenges. That person is not Chuck Morse or any one of his far-right rivals. We look forward to helping to elect New Hampshire’s next Democratic governor in 2024.”