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With Spicer in R.I., Will GOP Candidates Join Trump Spokesman at ‘Undisclosed Location’?

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White House Press Secretary to Raise Money for RIGOP; Will Fung, Trillo Attend Secretive Event?

 On Sunday, embattled Trump spokesman Sean Spicer will return to his home state of Rhode Island to host a fundraiser for Rhode Island Republicans at an “undisclosed location.”

While the Trump White House raises money for Rhode Island GOP campaigns, will likely GOP gubernatorial candidates Allan Fung and Joe Trillo attend? So far, they’re not saying.

Trump’s policies have fallen flat in Rhode Island. Trump lost Rhode Island by 15 points last November and still has a national approval rating hovering in the mid-thirties. And Spicer has defended him every step of the way.

Both Fung and Trillo have also been radio silent on Trumpcare. A report released this week by health care consulting firm Avalere shows that, under the proposed legislation, Rhode Island would suffer a 21% reduction in Medicaid funding, making it one of the worst hit states in the country. 

“Rhode Island Republicans are relying on the Trump White House to boost their B-team of gubernatorial candidates,” said DGA executive director Elisabeth Pearson. “Will Allan Fung and Joe Trillo show up to endorse Trump policies with the face of his administration? Or do Rhode Island Republicans want to hide the fact that they’re raising Trump cash in an ‘undisclosed location’?”