With One Day Before The Runoff, Republican Sirens Abound In Louisiana

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With one day before the runoff, all signs point to Republicans panicking in Louisiana. Republicans are worried about the suburbs, Abraham supporters, and Democratic turnout in early voting.
Despite Trump winning the state by 20 points in 2016, the RNC dumped $2 million into Louisiana to try and bail out Eddie Rispone. Trump has visited the state a total of three times this fall and is “much needed help” for Rispone. Yet Trump’s last visit during early voting only had a “minimal” effect.
Republicans are criticizing Rispone for neglecting the suburbs, saying his neglect is responsible for Gov. Edwards’ overperformance in Jefferson Parish, a parish bordering New Orleans, in the primary.
Rispone’s negative ads against Abraham backfired. Abraham’s son-in-law donated $5,000 to Gov. Edwards and a member of Abraham’s finance committee even endorsed Gov. Edwards. The Hayride, a conservative Louisiana blog, said Rispone’s inability to lock down Abraham voters has been “disappointing.”
Republicans are terrified of the early voting numbers that clearly show Democrats are energized. In early voting, African-American turnout made up 31 percent of the electorate, up 6 percent compared to the primary. Overall Democratic turnout was up 2 percent from the primary.
“Republicans are hitting the panic button about Phony Eddie Rispone,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “The RNC’s last-minute spending won’t erase Rispone’s support of Bobby Jindal’s failed policies and his attacks on Gov. Edwards’ military service.”