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With New CBO Score Out, Will VA-GOV Candidates Take a Stand on Trumpcare?

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CBO: Premiums Would Skyrocket, Markets At Risk in States that Accept Waivers

23 Million Americans At Risk of Losing Insurance

Today, a new Congressional Budget Office report shows the American Health Care Act will lead to significant premium increases and 23 million fewer Americans who have health coverage. According to the CBO, a 64-year-old Virginian could see premiums increase by 800% – from $1,700 to $13,600.
Now that the data are in: will Virginia’s Republican candidates for governor finally declare where they stand on Trumpcare?  Ed Gillespie, Frank Wagner and Corey Stewart still aren’t saying where they stand on the bill.
Implementation of the bill would fall directly on the governor’s desk. Under the proposed bill, in 2019, Virginia’s next governor would be able to accept a waiver that could increase costs for 1,344,000 Virginians with pre-existing conditions. Gillespie has previously expressed openness to a waiver.
The CBO also reports that if Virginia’s next governor accept waivers, Virginians with pre-existing conditions would no longer be able to afford coverage. The CBO wrote: “people who are less healthy (including those with preexisting or newly acquired medical conditions) would ultimately be unable to purchase comprehensive nongroup health insurance at premiums comparable to those under current law, if they could purchase it at all.” And, the CBO reports that waivers could cause Virginia’s nongroup market to become “unstable.”
According to a recent Washington Post-Schar School poll, just 34 percent of Virginians support the bill, even before the new CBO score.
“Now we know that the House health care bill means higher costs and less coverage for Virginians,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “It’s time for Gillespie, Stewart, and Wagner to tell Virginia voters exactly where they stand on Trumpcare. Are Gillespie, Stewart and Wagner too afraid of Trump to speak up?”


Gillespie’s Spokesperson Would Not Answer if Gillespie Supported the GOP Health Care Plan. According to Politico, “Campaign Pro surveyed a handful of Republican candidates who are either in or considering statewide bids on the House GOP health care bill. Here’s what they had to say. Virginia Ed Gillespie’s spokesman Matt Moran: ‘Ed believes Obamacare is a disaster that should be completely repealed and replaced – and done so without punishing taxpayers in fiscally-responsible states like Virginia. Ed believes that Congress and the Trump Administration should work together to pass a conservative plan that fully repeals Obamacare and replaces it with healthcare system that saves taxpayer dollars, increases affordability and gives consumers the choices they deserve.’” [Politico, 3/9/17]
Stewart Called for Obamacare Repeal, Not “Obamacare-Lite.” According to his Facebook page, Stewart wrote, “We need to completely remove the government out of our healthcare system. Only removing parts of Obamacare still leaves us with Obamacare. Sign here if you want to repeal the whole thing!” [Facebook, CoreyStewartVA, 3/7/17]
Wagner Said Good that Republicans Are Keeping Their Word on Replacement Bill for Obamacare, But Plan “Needs a Lot of Work!” According to Wagner’s Facebook page, “Good to see the Republicans are keeping their word but, the plan needs a lot of work!…/house-republicans-release-long-awa…”  [Facebook, FrankWagnerforGovernor, 3/6/17]