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With Mark Walker’s Launch, NC-GOV GOP Primary Gains Yet Another Out-of-Touch Extremist

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With Mark Walker’s Launch, NC-GOV GOP Primary Gains Yet Another Out-of-Touch Extremist

Democratic Governors Association Executive Director Meghan Meehan-Draper issued the following statement on former congressman Mark Walker’s entrance into North Carolina’s GOP gubernatorial primary:

“Mark Walker’s announcement today guarantees that from now through next March, North Carolina’s GOP primary will continue to grow messier and more divisive by the day. But no matter how much these candidates attack each other, they’re all on the same page about what matters most: working overtime to ban abortion altogether, eagerly slashing school funding, and promoting nonstop culture wars that will drag North Carolina backwards and drive businesses out of the state  — all at the expense of working families across the state. Just like his primary opponents, Mark Walker is wrong for North Carolina and we look forward to holding him accountable.”

Walker is the third Republican to declare his candidacy for governor in North Carolina, joining state treasurer Dale Folwell and Lt. Governor Mark Robinson in this increasingly crowded and nasty primary.Prior to running for governor, Walker was best known for picking a fight with Bruce Springsteen in defense of North Carolina’s notorious “bathroom bill,” which cost the state billions of dollars and thousands of jobs, and for his leadership of the far-right Republican Study Committee, through which he led efforts to end Medicaid expansion.

Walker also voted for a national abortion ban, and believes “governments shouldn’t allow abortions under any circumstance” and that he “would encourage a woman to have a child in cases of rape or incest.”