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With Her Campaign Floundering, Heidi Ganahl Pushes Debunked Extreme Conspiracy Theories

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With six weeks until Election Day, Heidi Ganahl has resorted to pushing straight-up lies in a desperate attempt to pull ahead in the race.

The Colorado Times Recorder reports Ganahl is pushing “outrageous and thoroughly debunked claims,” that kids in Colorado schools are identifying as cats.

The absurd phenomenon Ganahl claims is “happening all over Colorado schools,” is just the latest talking point she’s picked up from the extreme wings of the GOP. Rep. Lauren Boebert has made similarly outrageous and untrue comments.

While she falls back on conspiracy theories, Ganahl has absolutely no real plan to improve Colorado schools. Even as a CU regent, Ganahl fought to bring the GOP’s extreme agenda onto campus, supported John Eastman — an architect of Donald Trump’s last-ditch bid to subvert the 2020 election — as a visiting professor, and opposed initiatives to make college more affordable.

“Heidi Ganahl’s Hail Mary to save her failing campaign is to push the same widely debunked conspiracy theories parroted by the most extreme members of her party,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “While spreading absurd lies won’t save Heidi’s campaign, it does show Colorado voters just how unfit Ganahl is to serve as governor.”