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With Geoff Diehl Setting the Pace in the MA Far-Right Primary, Chris Doughty Picks Extreme Anti-LGBTQ, Anti-Choice Running Mate Just To Keep Up

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In another sign of just how far to the right the Massachusetts GOP primary is with Trump-endorsed candidate Geoff Diehl leading the field, GOP candidate Chris Doughty announced a running mate with an extreme right-wing record.

Doughty announced he’s choosing former state Rep. Kate Campanale as his running mate. Campanale is well-known for her extreme stances: she was just one of 14 Massachusetts legislators who voted to discriminate against LGBTQ+ individuals by supporting conversion therapy and has close ties with a far-right advocacy group that pushes harmful bans on abortion.

Campanale’s right-wing record also includes opposing protections for workers against wage theft and voting against paid sick leave.

This comes as Boston Magazine recently covered how Charlie Baker’s exit from the race has led to far-right take over of the Massachusetts GOP, which is “poisoning the Republican brand for the foreseeable future.”

“As Trump-back Geoff Diehl continues to gain steam, Chris Doughty’s decision to select a far-right legislator like Kate Campanale shows this Republican primary will be nothing more than a race to take harmful, right-wing positions that are out of step with a vast majority of Massachusetts families,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “No matter who wins this primary, it’s even more clear Republican chances to keep this seat were completely decimated when Charlie Baker stepped aside.”