With Entrance of Another Trump-like Candidate, Virginia GOP Primary Fight Spirals Further Out of Control

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The theme of this year’s Virginia GOP gubernatorial primary appears to be quantity over quality – yet another Trump wannabe candidate has joined the crowded race, ensuring the chaos that’s engulfed the primary won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

Peter Doran entered the race this morning, and like all the other GOP candidates, is already trying to emulate Trump. His announcement video was riddled with lies and “law and order” messaging – extremely hypocritical coming from the party that incited an attempt to overthrow the government and kill lawmakers.

Doran doesn’t add anything new to the race – all the VA GOP candidates  are Trump lackeys trying to pander to the disgraced President’s base, and not a single one shares the values of Virginians. The state GOP doesn’t even have the resources to find anyone better – according to the Associated Press, “the state GOP is disorganized and broke.”

The “frontrunner” at the moment is self-described “Trump in heels” state Sen. Amanda Chase, who was censured by members of her own party for praising the “patriots” who attacked the U.S. Capitol and called on Donald Trump to declare martial law. Pete Snyder is an Amanda Chase wannabe, Glenn Youngkin thinks he can buy the governor’s race, Kirk Cox refuses to stand up to Trump, and Sergio de la Peña is a former Trump administration official who is running his campaign on fully embracing every aspect of the Trump agenda.

With all these third-rate candidates, and the GOP spiraling out of control, it’s no wonder that former Rep. Denver Riggleman is considering an independent run.

“Just when you think the VA GOP dumpster fire of a primary can’t get worse, another awful, Trumpian candidate jumps in,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Christina Amestoy. “The ‘disorganized and broke’ VA GOP has literally run their party into the ground, and hasn’t been able to find a single candidate that shares the values of Virginians. Any one of these people as governor would be a complete disaster – the disarray that’s been the hallmark of the GOP nomination fight is just a preview of how they’d run the commonwealth.”