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With A Month To Go, Rispone And Abraham Take the Gloves Off

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 Louisiana Republican leaders warned Rep. Ralph Abraham and Eddie Rispone against attacking each other, but Rispone felt no reservations about throwing the first punch, airing an attack ad against Abraham tomorrow.
So much for GOP unity.
This isn’t the first infighting among Louisiana Republicans this year. In March, Rispone’s campaign circulated a website slamming Abraham. Those attacks look mighty similar to the attack ad his campaign will start airing tomorrow. But Rispone hasn’t been the only one taking shots at a fellow Republican. In July, a super PAC affiliated with Abraham said Rispone was “trying to buy this election — but he can’t win.”
With debate season starting this Thursday, there’s no sign of the Republican infighting slowing down any time soon.
“With a month left until the jungle primary, the attacks between Abraham and Rispone are getting personal,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “Republican party leaders warned they needed a unified party to win back this seat and it looks like they aren’t going to get it. While Democrats are unified behind Gov. Edwards, Louisiana Republicans are in a divisive fight that’s turning into a nightmare scenario for their party.”