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With 15 Days to Go, No Base Enthusiasm for Wishy Washy Ed Gillespie

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A new story from the Associated Press highlights a major problem for Ed Gillespie’s campaign: despite his Trump-like ads, the Republican base has failed to rally around him. Trump supporters in Southwest Virginia called out career lobbyist Gillespie directly, saying he’s “wishy washy,” and “too much like a typical politician.”
“It’s more and more clear that Gillespie’s enthusiasm problems aren’t going away in the homestretch of this campaign,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Gillespie’s Trumpian tactics are failing: his fear-mongering ads aren’t swaying the diehard Trump voters he needs. He’s in for a bruising should the GOP base choose to stay home in 15 days—a reality that’s looking increasingly likely the closer we get to the election.”
See excerpts from the story below or read it online HERE
Associated Press: In Virginia’s Trump Country, Low Enthusiasm for Republican
By Alan Suderman
People in Virginia’s coal country still love President Donald Trump, but not his pick to be their next governor.
Ed Gillespie is a Washington insider and Trump’s choice as Virginians prepare to go to the polls. The president promised southwest Virginia voters in a tweet, “Ed Gillespie will never let you down!”
Trump, who promised to revive the coal industry, had some of his biggest victory margins in Appalachia’s coal region last year. But those same voters said they know little about Gillespie, a former Republican National Committee chairman, corporate lobbyist and multimillionaire who was raised in New Jersey and now lives in Northern Virginia. …

Read it online HERE