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Wisconsin GOP Candidates Take Extremism to New Heights in Primary Debate

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Last night, the Republican candidates for Wisconsin governor took their extremism and infighting to new heights in a televised debate with just two weeks to go until the primary, doubling down on their dangerous conspiracy theories and out-of-touch policies.

“As Tim Michels, Rebecca Kleefisch, and Tim Ramthun tear each other apart in a brutal battle for Trump’s far-right base, all three GOP candidates have embraced the Big Lie, threatened funding for schools, and support Wisconsin’s abortion ban without exceptions for rape or incest,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy.

Here’s what people are saying about the nasty GOP debate:

  • Wisconsin Examiner: “The debate, held at Marquette University, included anti-vaccine sentiments, false claims of fraud during the 2020 presidential election and unabashed support for the 2nd Amendment … The ongoing conspiracy theories surrounding the 2020 election have played a major role in the primary campaign as the candidates try to attract supporters of former President Donald Trump.”
  • The New Yorker: “None of the Republican Party’s gubernatorial candidates—the former lieutenant governor Rebecca Kleefisch, Tim Michels, and the state representative Tim Ramthun—will say that Joe Biden won the election, and all of them have vowed to abolish the Wisconsin Elections Commission, which was created by the Republican-controlled legislature in 2015.”
  • LaCrosse Tribune: “‘The 2020 election, I feel was rigged,’ Kleefisch said, pointing out that she sued the Wisconsin Elections Commission … Ramthun said he was surprised to be the only candidate on stage calling for decertification.”
  • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “Kleefisch, Michels and Ramthun also all said they backed the state abortion ban and would not sign into law new exceptions, including allowing abortions for women who are raped.”
  • Associated Press: “[Michels] also took a subtle jab at Kleefisch, without mentioning her by name, in his closing statement. ‘If you want to keep politics as usual, vote for the usual politicians,’ he said.”