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Wisconsin Conservative Charlie Sykes Slams GOP Voting Restrictions, Praises Gov. Evers’ Veto

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Sykes on MSNBC: “The Governor is Right to Call It a Clown Show”

After Gov. Tony Evers vetoed six Republican-backed voting restriction bills, Wisconsin conservative political commentator Charlie Sykes took to MSNBC to criticize GOP attacks on democracy and praise Gov. Evers’ bold leadership on voting rights.

“What really strikes me is the pettiness and the mean-spiritedness of these voting laws,” said Sykes. “They don’t do anything whatsoever to deal with fraud, but they make it harder for certain people to vote, particularly the elderly, the disabled, shut-ins. It makes it harder for them to cast absentee ballots and also makes it easier to throw out completely legitimate votes.”

Sykes is right — the anti-democracy GOP wants to limit ballot drop boxes, restrict who can return absentee ballots for others, and tighten rules for when elderly and disabled voters can automatically receive absentee ballots.

The Wisconsin conservative also said the GOP attacks are a continuation of conspiracy theories like the ‘Big Lie’ and the ‘Stop the Steal’ movement. Sykes said, “the governor is right to call it a clown show.” The stakes for 2022 couldn’t be higher, and Gov. Evers is proving once again that he’s the last line of defense for voting rights.

Watch Sykes praise Gov. Evers on MSNBC here.