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Winless Walker’s Losing Streak Continues

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Today, DGA Executive Director Elisabeth Pearson released the following statement in response to Governor Scott Walker’s latest electoral defeat:
“If January’s special election was ‘a wake up call’ to Governor Scott Walker, today’s results were a blaring fire alarm for his struggling campaign. Scott Walker made this race a referendum on his governorship and he lost. This election is the clearest sign yet that Scott Walker is in trouble this November.
“Wisconsin voters have had enough of Governor Walker putting his political ambitions ahead of Wisconsin’s middle-class families. They’ve made that abundantly clear in the last 3 elections, and they’ll have the opportunity to send their message even more directly come November. Scott Walker’s loss tonight couldn’t have been clearer if his name were on the ballot: Walker put his resources, his credibility, and his brand on the line, and voters clearly rejected him.”
Tonight’s result marks the third straight election Democrats have won in Wisconsin. Walker and his partisan allies went all in for Screnock, but even millions in spending and a personal appeal from the Governor himself weren’t enough to overcome surging Democratic enthusiasm in Wisconsin.