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Will Tim Pawlenty’s New Running Mate Desert Him Like His Last Lieutenant Governor?

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Pawlenty’s Last Running Mate Snubbed Him In Favor Of His Opponent

Once upon a time, not so long ago, Tim Pawlenty was governor and drove the state into the ground. His partner at the time was then-Lieutenant Governor Carol Molnau. What did she think of his leadership?
Well, she’s endorsed Pawlenty’s opponent Jeff Johnson this time around, saying Johnson was the most electable and that she hasn’t “thought about Mr. Pawlenty at all.”
Today, Pawlenty announced his running mate, Lieutenant Governor Michelle Fischbach. Hopefully, she knows where all the exits are, because it seems like it’s only a matter of time before she wants to escape Pawlenty’s disastrous record of 200,000 people out of work, $2 billion in school debt, and a $6 billion deficit with zero in reserves.
Of course, Pawlenty is using this announcement to paper over the fact that despite his name ID, and being a former two-term governor, he’s stiff arming Republican activists by not participating in the state convention. In 2002, he thought the endorsement was so important that he promised to drop out of the race if he lost it.
“Pawlenty’s former Lieutenant Governor Carol Molnau probably hasn’t thought about Tim Pawlenty because she wants to forget his record of fiscal mismanagement and high unemployment,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director David Turner. “The real question here is how long does it take for Michelle Fischbach to abandon ship? She should find time to catch up with Carol Molnau to discuss exit strategies.”

From happier times…