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Will Steve Pearce Sign Petition to Save DREAMers?

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Only 5 More Republican Signatures Needed to Force House Vote on DACA 

With the DACA discharge petition in the House just 5 signatures away from forcing a vote to protect DREAMers, New Mexicans need to know whether Rep. Steve Pearce will add his name and support DREAMers. 20 other Republican members of Congress have already signed on to the petition, but Pearce has remained silent so far.
“New Mexicans need to know where Steve Pearce stands: will he or will he not sign this bipartisan petition to protect DREAMers?” said DGA Press Secretary Melissa Miller. “Will Pearce stand with his extreme Freedom Caucus allies or with the thousands of young New Mexicans waiting on a DACA fix? He must come clean.”
Earlier this year, Pearce admitted on video that he is more extreme than Trump on DACA and voted to abandon DREAMers and leave these young immigrants without protection from deportation. In 2013, he voted to deport an estimated 800,000 Dream Act eligible young people. And in 2014, Pearce was caught on tape literally running away from DREAMers.