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Will Billionaire Bruce Rauner Finally Stop Bragging about His Wealth Tonight?

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As Bruce Rauner heads to the open Candidates Forum in Chicago tonight, voters will be waiting to see if he finally stops bragging about his vast wealth while middle-class families are working hard to get ahead. Billionaire Bruce Rauner rakes in over $1 million a week but wants to cut the minimum wage of hard-working Illinoisans to keep the state ‘competitive.’
“Rauner is so unashamedly wealthy that he brags to reporters about being in the top .01% of Americans,” said Sabrina Singh, DGA Deputy Communications Director. “While Billionaire Bruce owns nine homes with a price tag of about seven figures each, he wants to see the minimum wage cut for low-wage workers who are struggling to put food on the table for their families.  Illinois needs a leader who will strengthen the middle class by raising wages and expanding economic opportunity, not an out-of-touch, right-wing billionaire who is looking out for himself, the wealthiest, and his special interest buddies.”
Here’s just a small sample of Billionaire Bruce bragging about his vast wealth:
Rauner: “Oh, I’m Probably .01 Percent.” “Within minutes of sitting for an interview, gubernatorial front-runner Bruce Rauner makes a bold correction about his personal fortune when asked if he is among the so-called 1 percent of the wealthiest Americans. ‘Oh, I’m probably .01 percent,’ said Rauner, who owns nine homes, and made $53 million last year.” [Chicago Sun-Times, 3/7/14]
The Mitt Romney of Illinois.  “Rauner quickly grew perturbed when asked if the comparisons are true that he’s the ‘Mitt Romney of Illinois.’ ‘I am a very different person from Mitt Romney,’ Rauner said. ‘I drink beer. I smoke a cigar. I use a gun. I ride a Harley. My grandparents lived in a double-wide trailer. I’m a salesman. He’s an analyst.’” [Chicago Sun-Times, 3/7/14]
Rauner “I Made a Ton of Money.”  “After graduating from Dartmouth, then Harvard Business School, Rauner helped found GTCR, a Chicago based, private equity firm.  ‘I made a ton of money, made a lot of money,’ he said.”
Rauner: “I’m Rich And I’m Proud Of It.” According to 89 WLS, “Some of his opponents say he’s trying to buy the election, but Rauner has never been embarrassed about being rich. ‘I’m rich and I’m proud of it,’ Rauner said. ‘I’m a self-made guy. And I didn’t inherit a nickel. I worked my fanny off and I did great. Since when in America is that a bad thing?’” [89 WLS, 1/30/14]