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Why Won’t Richard Irvin Come Clean?

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Following last week’s news exposing texts from Illinois GOP gubernatorial candidate Richard Irvin calling Trump an “idiot” and a “bigoted racist,” Irvin still won’t come clean with Illinoisans about his own support of Trump (or lack thereof).

In an interview yesterday with WJPF’s Tom Miller, Irvin dodged questions left and right about his voting record, doing everything possible to avoid telling the truth.

When asked about his anti-Trump texts, Irvin talked in circles, saying: “this pleases JB Pritzker” and mentioning everything from “meth heads” to crime.

When Miller asked point-blank who Irvin voted for in the 2020 presidential election, he jumped right to: “That’s exactly what JB Pritzker wants to be talking about.”

Why is it so hard for Richard Irvin to come clean about his own record — and what else is he hiding?

“Richard Irvin’s ‘winning strategy’ here is to duck, dodge, and deflect to avoid taking a stance on anything at all,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “He’s hoping that by refusing to come clean, he can gaslight voters into believing his hollow claims. Illinoisans won’t fall for it.”