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Why Won’t Rauner Say Where He Stands on Trump’s Immigration Policies?

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In recent days, Governor Bruce Rauner has been praising the work of President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans, and has refused to call for an end to the president’s new immigration policy separating children from their parents. In fact, Bruce Rauner has never really addressed any of President Trump’s immigration policies hurting Illinois families.
It’s time for Rauner to finally answer where he stands on President Trump’s immigration policies:

  • The Chicago Sun-Times reported “it wasn’t clear who Rauner wanted to do what” on ending the policy of separating children from their parents at the border. Why won’t Rauner call on Trump to end the policy?
  • In light of recent news, would Rauner still send Illinois National Guard troops to the Mexico border if asked?
  • Does Rauner believe that the 42,000 DACA recipients in Illinois should be put on a pathway to citizenship, or does he agree with President Trump’s decision to revoke their protections and expose them to deportation?
  • Does Rauner support attempts by Trump’s Department of Justice to strip federal funding from Chicago over immigration policy?

“For more than a year, Bruce Rauner has refused to stand up to President Trump and his divisive immigration policies,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “Illinois families are being torn apart by the Trump administration and Rauner seems content to let it happen. Is this what Rauner meant when he said he was ‘proud’ of the Trump White House?”