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Why Won’t Rauner Answer Any Questions About the Mysterious Departure of His General Counsel?

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Rauner Spends Last Week, Like the Last Two Months, Dodging Questions on Why General Counsel Dennis Murashko Left His Administration

Governor Bruce Rauner only met the press a few times last week and just about every time he was faced with questions about the departure of his General Counsel Dennis Murashko. Last Monday, both NBC5’s Mary Ann Ahern and WGN’s Tahman Bradley tweeted they tried asking Rauner about Murashko but had their interviews quickly end. Mary Ann Ahern persisted on Friday, leading to this exchange:

Mary Ann Ahern: “There has even been allegations within your own staff. Obviously, they have not surfaced to the point where we can talk publicly. Some have literally said to us that you have not been as outspoken as perhaps you could have been about someone in your staff, that you absolutely know who I am talking about. And is no longer there. And absolutely there are allegations and what happened to the internal investigation now that person is no longer a part of…”

Rauner: “Mary Ann, if there were allegations, they would be dealt with. I am very strong on this. Zero tolerance. Zero tolerance. And there are not allegations. And I have addressed this proactively long before any letter, long before these national headlines making ensure sexual harassment, sexual misconduct is addressed. We have zero tolerance and we have training to prevent it, and to deal with it, if and when it occurs.”

Rauner announced that Murashko would depart his administration on August 24th and was expected to stay around until the end of the month. The next day Murashko was mysteriously escorted out of the building. POLITICO’s Natasha Korecki reported Murashko was alleged to have “misused the powers of his office” and may have been the subject of an internal investigation. Since then, Rauner has refused to answer any questions about the departure or alleged investigation.

Why does Rauner refuse to come clean about wrong-doing in his administration?

“Last week, Bruce Rauner promised voters he would fight but all he’s done so far is fight to keep a brewing controversy under wraps,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “Rauner is refusing to conduct his office in the open and transparent manner the public deserves. Governor Rauner needs to take responsibility for his office’s management and address the allegations of misconduct in his office.”