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Why Won’t Dave Reichert Debate His GOP Opponent?

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Why Won’t Dave Reichert Debate His GOP Opponent?

On his latest podcast episode, Republican candidate for governor Semi Bird called out his opponent, former U.S. Congressman Dave Reichert, for refusing to participate in debates ahead of the state’s August 6 primary.

As Bird noted, Reichert’s team “decided that they did not want to debate,” and that they “refuse to debate.” Bird went on to question Reichert’s chances in the general election, claiming “if a Republican will not debate a Republican pre-primary, then how do you think that Republican would fare, if by some chance that person was to advance into the general?” 

Reichert’s refusal to debate his primary opponent comes after dodging questions about who he supported in the state’s presidential primary election earlier this month. When asked directly by The Seattle Times, “Reichert … did not say whether he supports Trump.” Meanwhile, Bird declared his support for the former president the following day.

Over the last few months, Reichert has been snubbed by over a dozen county Republican parties, with Bird securing 16 endorsements from county parties across Washington state – nearly half of the state’s local parties – and winning over a dozen straw polls conducted at local county caucuses and conventions.

“It’s no surprise that Dave Reichert doesn’t want to show face on a debate stage where he would be forced to answer for his track record in Congress after rubber-stamping Trump’s harmful and dangerous agenda to strip Washington women of their abortion rights, gut access to health care, and slash taxes for the ultra-wealthy,” said DGA States Press Secretary Emma O’Brien. “No amount of ducking and dodging from Reichert will make Washington families forget about his record. If Reichert has nothing to hide, he should have no problem debating his primary opponent for all Washington voters to see.”