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Why Hasn’t Rauner Held Anyone Accountable for Botched Quincy Response?

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WBEZ Story Begs Question – Why Is Rauner Allowing IDVA Director Jeffries to Resign Instead of Firing Her?

Yesterday, WBEZ reported that the Illinois Department of Veterans’ Affairs “failed to effectively notify all employees” at the Quincy Veterans Home about the 2015 deadly Legionnaires’ outbreak and had been “formally rebuked” by another one of Governor Bruce Rauner’s agencies. Since 2015, eight staff members fell ill to Legionnaires’ and 13 residents died.
Rauner has yet to hold anyone accountable for his administration’s failed response at Quincy. IDVA Director Erica Jeffries, who repeatedly claimed her agency was “very clear” with staff despite the formal finding, is being allowed to resign in May, leaving taxpayers on the hook for thousands of dollars in salary, benefits and potential vacation payouts. Illinois Department of Public Health Director Nirah Shah has been asked to step down by a Republicans lawmaker, but not by Rauner.
“Why hasn’t Bruce Rauner held anyone accountable for his administration’s botched response to the deadly Quincy Legionnaires’ outbreak?” asked DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “Governor ‘I’m not in charge’ is really living up to his nickname as he spends more time focused on deflecting blame than running a responsive government.”