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Why Didn’t Rauner Do Anything to Stop a Nazi from Running on the ILGOP Ticket?

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Over the weekend, Politico published a disturbing report about how an avowed Nazi, Arthur Jones, was allowed to run as a Republican in the 3rd Congressional District, and how Governor Bruce Rauner and his party failed to stop him. Politico noted four different instances where Rauner and his apparatus failed to step in and prevent his run:

  1. Failed to recruit anyone to run again to Jones, allowing him to become the party’s nominee unopposed;
  2. Failed to kick Jones off the ballot by challenging his signatures, a “traditional” tactic employed by both parties;
  3. Failed to field a write-in candidate to challenge him in the primary election;
  4. And failed to field third-party candidate to provide a “safe harbor” for Republican voters.

Rauner’s team was reported to be exploring “all options” to get Jones off the ballot back in February, but months later the party has failed to take action. And while even Senator Ted Cruz of Texas called on Republicans of the 3rd Congressional District to vote for a Democrat, Rauner has still failed to call on Jones to leave the race, let alone echo Cruz’s call.
“Why didn’t Bruce Rauner do more to stop a Nazi from running as a Republican, and why is he not doing more now?” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “Rauner is failing Illinois families once again by allowing a Nazi candidate to remain on the ballot.”