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Rauner Asked Twice More to Comment on Trump Matters, But Stays Silent

Focus, Illinois. Last week Illinois voters were treated to an amazing scene – a sitting Governor refusing five times to say if he had voted for Donald Trump, his party’s presidential nominee. The interaction follows a pattern. Governor Rauner has already took a pass on Donald Trump’s budget with a “no comment,” and Crain’s Chicago reporter Greg Hinz documented all the ways he has tried to get answers from Rauner on Trumpcare. His questions were met with silence, despite the laws potential to blow a hole in the budget and raise premiums on people with pre-existing conditions.
Governor Rauner has a strategy, namely, don’t say anything that could hurt politically.
Despite his attempt otherwise, Bruce Rauner was twice questioned directly by Illinois’ representatives to weigh in. First, the entire Democratic federal delegation called on Rauner (for the fourth time) to advise them on the effects of Trumpcare. Their request was met with silence. Then, elected officials from across the state called on Rauner to join governors in other states, including two Republicans, in pledging to follow the Paris climate agreement despite Trump’s recent rejection of it. Their direct request was met with silence, but Governor Rauner had answered a question last Friday on the issue.
CALLER: Yes, Hi.  My question is about Illinois’s role in climate change, and I want to ask the governor specifically will Illinois join California, Washington and New York in upholding the Paris climate agreement even since the president has rejected it?

RAUNER: Yeah it’s a great question.  I’m very proud in Illinois—irrespective of what happens at the federal level we are going to do the right thing for the people of Illinois.  I am very proud of the clean energy sustainable energy jobs bill that I helped negotiate and sign.  That was one of the most important pieces of legislation for environmental protection that ever passed in the United States.  It was hailed by environmental advocates around the nation when we signed that bill.  We protected sustainable energy, we protected nuclear energy option in Illinois, and we preserved all options while growing jobs in the state.  We will always act to keep energy options all available in the state of Illinois and work to protect our environment and I’m very proud of our record on that. 
That would be a “no comment” on the Paris climate agreement. Maybe Governor Rauner has thoughts on FBI Director Comey’s testimony?
“Governor Rauner would rather focus on his re-election than stand up for Illinois to Donald Trump,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “And while it may be politically inconvenient for Rauner, Illinois families are directly impacted by decisions coming out of the Trump White House, and they deserve a Governor that will fight for their interests on all levels. Governor Rauner’s attempt to dodge any and all questions on Trump is another example of his failed leadership.”