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WHOOPS: Putnam Blames “Obama Regulators” For Bush Era Investigation Into His Business

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Adam Putnam is having a little trouble getting the facts straight about a series of labor violations committed by his family’s citrus farms. Putnam’s business was fined for failing to pay its workers the minimum wage. In a speech to supporters this morning, Putnam tried to downplay the violations by blaming “Obama regulators crawling around our lower intestine” for meddling in his farm’s illegal behavior.
Just one problem. The investigation into Putnam’s shoddy labor practices started in early 2008, when GEORGE W. BUSH was president.
From the Tampa Bay Times report:
Public radio station WJCT reported that Putnam said his family’s Bartow citrus operation’s failure to pay the minimum wage to four workers in 2008 was a “clerical error,” and he said “Obama regulators” were responsible for the finding. The investigation began in January 2008, when George W. Bush was president of the United States.
The Tampa Bay Times reported that after an investigation by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Tampa regional office, the agency fined Putnam Groves $1,672 for failing to pay four workers the minimum wage, which was $6.79 at the time.
Blaming President Obama for your own legal violations isn’t just a lame excuse, it’s factually impossible. Putnam’s business violations are clearly going to dog him for the rest of his campaign. Lying about them is only going to make it worse.