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White House: Scott Walker is A Lost Cause

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WaPo: Advisers Urged Trump Against ‘Wasting His Time’ with Walker’s Losing Race

This morning, the Washington Post reported that Scott Walker is so toxic and underwater that even Donald Trump’s advisors are begging him to stay away from the Badger State.
The Post reported this morning: “Advisers have urged [Trump], without success, not to travel to Texas or Wisconsin, two states where the president has announced campaign rallies next week. His team had argued he would be wasting his time because they believe Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) is going to win his race, while Gov. Scott Walker (R-Wis.) is going to lose his.”
“You know things are bad for Scott Walker when even Donald Trump’s advisers want him steering clear,” said Democratic Governors Association Press Secretary Melissa Miller. “Eight years of failing Wisconsin, leaving roads to crumble and undermining access to affordable health care has made Walker so radioactive even Team Trump wants to jump ship. Trump’s advisers are right: Scott Walker is in deep trouble.”