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While Virginians Safely Celebrate Thanksgiving, State Senator Amanda Chase Spreads COVID-19 Conspiracies

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Chase Claims COVID Is “Like A Cold,” Rails Against Masks and Safety Measures, and Announces She Won’t Be Getting Vaccinated

During an address last week on Facebook, Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate Amanda Chase gave an astonishing speech riddled with falsehoods and conspiracy theories about COVID-19 adding to the Virginia GOP’s record of downplaying the deadly pandemic. As COVID-19 hospitalizations reach record levels in Virginia and across the country, Chase’s and Virginia Republicans’ rhetoric and false claims are downright dangerous.

Chase’s rant on the virus included claims such as hospital workers are overreporting COVID-19 deaths for financial gain, the left is “fearmongering,” the Virginia governor instituted a curfew because “that’s probably his bedtime,” masks are not effective, and the COVID-19 vaccine is manufactured in China so she won’t be getting one.

These claims that defy science, logic, and reality have been the hallmark of Chase’s gubernatorial campaign. She has held maskless, indoor campaign events, refused to wear a mask to protect others, and supported protests against Gov. Ralph Northam’s COVID-19 mitigation measures meant to slow the spread of the virus and save lives.

Chase’s Republican opponent, Kirk Cox, has also criticized Gov. Northam’s COVID-19 mitigation measures. The two GOP candidates are in a race to the far right – one that could be hazardous to public health.

“Amanda Chase and Virginia Republicans’ anti-science views are downright dangerous,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Christina Amestoy. “COVID-19 should not be a partisan issue – but to Virginia Republicans like Amanda Chase and Kirk Cox, politics comes before public health. Virginians won’t elect someone who is so at odds with their values.”