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While Dixon Faces Heat For Extremism, Gov. Whitmer Adds Manufacturers and Independents to Her Broad Coalition

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While Tudor Dixon is facing intense backlash for her dangerous and extreme comments about kidnapping, as highlighted in a new video from the DGA over the weekend, Gov. Whitmer continues to build strong support from Michiganders across party lines. On Friday, the Michigan Manufacturers Association announced they’re endorsing Gov. Whitmer for reelection. The traditionally conservative-leaning group previously endorsed the GOP candidate for governor in 2018. In their endorsement, the group cited how they “worked productively with Gov. Whitmer on the manufacturing sector’s top policy priorities to help our members compete in the global economy.” 

And just today, Gov. Whitmer’s campaign announced Independents for Whitmer, a coalition of more than 100 independent voters – including leaders in business and health care – from across the state. The announcement comes after Gov. Whitmer announced Republicans for Whitmer earlier this month, a coalition of more than 150 Republicans supporting her campaign.

“Gov. Whitmer’s ability to work together across the aisle and get things done has earned her support from Michiganders of all political stripes,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “Meanwhile, Tudor Dixon is focused on dividing Michiganders with her dangerous conspiracies and extreme policies.”