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While DeSantis Abandons Floridians During COVID Surge, Nevada Republicans Praise Him, Host Him at Top-Dollar Fundraiser

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Ron DeSantis is bolting from the ongoing public health crisis in his state as cases and hospitalizations skyrocket. This time, he’s headed to Nevada to headline a series of fundraisers, including one with Adam Laxalt and former Senator and likely GOP candidate for governor, Dean Heller.

As the crisis fueled by DeSantis grows, it’s clear that Nevada Republicans like Dean Heller apparently care more about raising money than they do about saving lives. Instead of condemning DeSantis for his astounding lack of leadership on COVID, they’re honoring him as a “special guest” at top-dollar fundraisers.

In fact, other Republicans in the Nevada race for governor have praised DeSantis for his abysmal pandemic response. Sheriff Joe Lombardo suggested that Gov. Steve Sisolak should’ve mirrored the pandemic response of states like Florida, which has seen a 550% spike in cases for children under 12 and a 520% spike in hospitalizations for children under the age of 18 in the past month.

Compared with Ron DeSantis, who shrugged off the mounting deaths and case numbers as “something you just have to deal with,” Gov. Steve Sisolak has taken immediate action to combat COVID.

Gov. Sisolak was the first governor to require state employees get vaccinated, and the first to follow the CDC’s recommendation and implement an indoor mask policy. He also requested assistance from FEMA as soon as it was made available. Gov. Sisolak’s leadership on COVID has made a real impact. This week Nevada administered vaccines at a rate nearly 20% higher than the national average. The state also had the slowest case growth in the past two weeks, while cases still surge in states like Florida.

“The contrast in leadership between Gov. Sisolak and Deal-With-It DeSantis could not be clearer,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Yet Republicans like Dean Heller and Joe Lombardo are using DeSantis’ failures as a blueprint for how to lead during a crisis. Nevadans deserve four more years of Gov. Sisolak’s leadership that puts the health and wellbeing of Nevadans above all else — not a DeSantis 2.0.”