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Where’s Rauner? GOP Gov Flees O’Hare Crisis for Koch Brothers

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Where’s Rauner? GOP Gov Flees O’Hare Crisis for Koch Brothers

Rauner relaxes with GOP megadonors in Palm Springs while crisis builds in Chicago

 Bruce Rauner has the wrong priorities.

Over the weekend, thousands protested the detainment of more than 50 travelers at Chicago O’Hare International Airport because of Donald Trump’s Executive Order banning people from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the country.

But where was the state’s GOP governor while Illinois spoke out against the president’s actions?

Hundreds of miles away in Palm Springs, California, helping the Koch Brothers raise millions from their lavish donor network.

 “Gov. Bruce Rauner is among three Republican governors attending an annual summit in California hosted by billionaire conservatives Charles and David Koch,” the Chicago Sun-Times reported. Joining Rauner at the summit were several $100,000 GOP megadonors, “as they sipped cocktails in a palm-fringed courtyard at the Renaissance Resort and Spa,” reported USA Today.

“While people in Illinois were being detained, Gov. Bruce Rauner was relaxing with fellow millionaires in Palm Springs,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “The millions that Rauner is raising for the Koch brothers won’t do much to protect the people of Illinois from Donald Trump. Illinois voters deserve a governor who will stand up and fight for their values, not run off to Palm Springs in the middle of a crisis.”