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Where Was Todd Lamb When Oklahoma Schools Really Needed Him?

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If you didn’t know any better, Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb’s new ad could convince you that he’s actually concerned about the welfare of Oklahoma’s schools and students. In the ad, Lamb complains about students being left with tattered textbooks and teachers using their own money to supplement school supplies.
But if Todd Lamb was really worried about improving schools, why didn’t he speak up when Mary Fallin slashed hundreds of millions of dollars from education funding. Why didn’t he speak up when Oklahoma’s teacher pay ranked 49th in the nation? Why did he allow the situation to get so bad that schools had toswitch to four day schools weeks?
And MOST importantly, when Oklahoma finally increased education funding, why did Lamb oppose it?
He may talk a big game when it comes to supporting schools, but Todd Lamb’s record of failure tells a whole different story.
“Todd Lamb had his chance to stand up for Oklahoma students and teachers, and he turned his back and let things get worse,” said DGA Deputy Press Secretary Alex Japko. “No amount of campaign ads can erase Lamb’s record of failure in supporting Oklahoma’s schools. Voters want a governor who will actually work to improve schools, not someone who makes phony promises to win votes.”