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When it Comes to Dangerous COVID Policies, Michigan GOP Majority Leader Mike Shirkey Wants Michigan to Be More Like Texas

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Radio Host in Response to Shirkey: “You’re not hitching your wagon to Texas, are you? My god.” 

Michigan Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey went on talk radio today to defend the reckless COVID-19 policies of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and defend Sen. Ted Cruz, who abandoned his state during a crisis. If he were governor, Shirkey said he would do something “similar to what Governor Abbott has done in Texas.” [00:45]
Earlier this week, as only 6.57% of the Texas population was fully vaccinated against COVID-19, Abbott ignored the state’s public health officials and removed the state’s mask mandate and all pandemic safety restrictions on businesses. Abbott’s move could put people at greater risk as COVID-19 variants spread across the U.S. Local health officials urged residents to still wear masks as recommended by CDC guidelines.
The interviewer said what we were all thinking: “Mike don’t – you’re not hitching your wagon to Texas are you? My god. […] They couldn’t turn a light bulb on for 10 days in Texas… and some of the lawmakers left town.”
Shirkey immediately rushed to defend Cancun Cruz, and said the media overhyped the ‘Ted Cruz jetting off to Mexico while his constituents froze to death story.’ It makes sense Shirkey would feel sympathy for Ted Cruz – the two have a lot in common. They both put their own selfish desires above their constituents’ well-being, and they both lent legitimacy to crazy conspiracy theories.

“Mike Shirkey wants to hitch his wagon to the failed response to COVID-19 in Texas,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “Shirkey is showing once again that Michigan Republicans are incredibly out of touch with the needs of their constituents, and have zero good ideas on how to govern the state in a way that would make life better for working families.”