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What They’re Saying: Scott Walker “Hitting the Panic Button”

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Following his electoral defeat last night, Governor Scott Walker sounded the alarm: “Tonight’s results show we are at risk of a #BlueWave in WI.” But don’t just take his word for it. Here’s what others are saying about Walker’s latest trouncing at the hands of Wisconsin voters:
Politico Morning Score: “BAD NEWS FOR WALKER — Democrats win in Wisconsin Supreme Court race”
Washington Post’s The Fix: “Now that he has lost another race, this one statewide with a candidate he was all in for, Walker is outright hitting the panic button for his party.”
CNN: “Big win by liberals in Wisconsin is bad news for GOP and Scott Walker”
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “Gov. Scott Walker got the message — loud and clear:  The biggest losers in the state on Tuesday were the St. Louis Cardinals (walk-off homer by Ryan Braun), the Boston Celtics (swatted away by Giannis) and Walker. Not only did the second-term Republican governor’s pick for the Supreme Court go down in flames, but the voters also rejected his proposed constitutional amendment to do away with the state treasurer’s office.
And a Walker-endorsed candidate narrowly lost in a race for Waukesha County Circuit Court judge. Yes, in Waukesha County, the base of the Republican Party in Wisconsin, making the governor 0 for 3 for the night.”
GOP Strategist Charlie Sykes: “This is freaking code RED.”
Esquire: “Very rarely will a politician receive the kind of ass-kicking that Walker got on Tuesday, when Wisconsin held an election for local and state positions…Up and down the ballot, voters repudiated Walker’s governorship.”
Buzzfeed: “In central Milwaukee Tuesday, voters who turned out in freezing rain said they were motivated by opposition to Screnock: his close ties to Walker…President Donald Trump, they said, was hanging over the race, motivating people who typically did not show up for April elections to come to the polls.”
New York Magazine: “Tonight’s results also make it abundantly clear why Scott Walker tried so hard to avoid calling two state legislative special elections, only doing so when forced to comply with state law by a judge he had himself appointed.”