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What They’re Saying: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Democratic National Convention Speech

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Last night, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo gave a speech at the Democratic National Convention. The speech was emblematic of his famous COVID-19 briefings, which captivated millions of Americans who turned to Democratic governors for leadership when the federal government bucked responsibility for the pandemic.

Gov. Cuomo criticized the Trump administration’s poor handling of COVID-19 and said Vice President Joe Biden is the leader America needs. Gov. Cuomo said, “Now, we need a leader as good as our people. A leader who appeals to the best within us, not the worst. A leader who can unify, not divide. […] That man is Joe Biden.”

See what they’re saying about Gov. Cuomo’s speech:

Mika Brzezinski, Morning Joe: “New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo delivered a blistering speech criticizing the White House’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.”

Michael Finnegan, Los Angeles Times: “New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo hammered President Trump for the federal government’s ‘dysfunctional and incompetent’ response to the coronavirus crisis in a scathing speech Monday on the opening night of the Democratic National Convention.”

Jake Lahut, Business Insider: “Cuomo presented himself as a standard-bearer for the nation’s fight against the pandemic, calling for a better federal response than the Trump administration’s.”

Axios: “The New York governor has drawn national attention for a take-charge approach to the coronavirus that contrasted with Trump’s, mixing an unapologetic, pragmatic, action-oriented approach with emotionality.”

Jennifer Drysdale, Entertainment Tonight: “Andrew Cuomo can see the light at the end of the tunnel. The New York governor addressed viewers virtually during night one of the Democratic National Convention on Monday, speaking about what he’s learned since shepherding his state through the coronavirus pandemic.”

Jerry Zremski and Robert J. McCarthy, The Buffalo News: “Following his national exposure in dealing with – and so far, taming – the Covid-19 pandemic in New York State, Cuomo delivered one of the most anticipated speeches as the virtual Democratic National Convention kicked off its four-night run.”

Joseph Spector, Democrat & Chronicle: “Gov. Andrew Cuomo ripped the federal government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic Monday night and highlighted New York’s ability to go from being the virus’ epicenter to having one of the lowest infection rates in the nation. […] As the longest serving Democratic governor in the nation, Cuomo used his five minutes in front of the national audience to blast President Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee.”

Dan Merica, CNN: “NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo, delivering a speech that looks a lot like his briefings: “Only a strong body can fight off the virus, and America’s divisions weakened it. Donald Trump didn’t create the initial division. The division created Trump; he only made it worse.”

Bette Midler: “‘Government matters. Leadership matters.’ Gov. Cuomo, great speech.”