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What They’re Saying: Martinez Bombs in NY

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What They’re Saying: Martinez Bombs in NY 

Crowd ‘could care less,’  ‘talking loudly over her’ 

Last night, New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez delivered the keynote address at a New York Republican Party fundraising dinner. 

Despite chairing the Republican Governors Association, Martinez has refused to say whether she will support the Republican nominee. Nothing changed in the Big Apple – even as she shared a stage with Donald Trump. 

Here’s what news organizations are saying about her speech: 

New Mexico Politico ReportMartinez ignored at NY GOP gala as Trump, Cruz, Kasich push for votes [4/15/16] 

“As for Martinez, the media attention seemed to match the attention from the attendees.” 

Philip Rucker, Washington Post:

“New York Republicans sure aren’t showing New Mexico Gov Martinez much respect. Lots of chatter over her speech in the ballroom.” 

Vaughn Hillyard, NBC News:

“And yet, this crowd seems like it could care less that Susana Martinez — the Governor of New Mexico — is speaking. Chattering all around.” 

Jonathan Martin, New York Times:

“Majority of NY GOP dinner attendees now ignoring Susana Martinez, talking so loudly over her that people are tapping glasses to hush” 

Holly Baily, Yahoo News:

“Someone just clinked their glass trying to get folks to stop talking over Susana Martinez. Not working. Chatter drowning her out” 

Jenna Johnson, Washington Post:

“New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez (R) is addressing NY GOP dinner as many guests loudly chat instead of listening.” 

Jonathan Lemire, Associated Press:

“Many in the crowd simply talking over New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez” 

Philip Rucker, Washington Post:

“Susana Martinez, ever cautious, didn’t talk Trumpism. Not even close. She stuck to bio, NM record & conservative talking points.” 

KOB-TV (Albuquerque)No new endorsement from Gov. Martinez at pricey NY GOP gala 

“Martinez didn’t announce a new endorsement for president – something long sought by Democratic opponents, since she is the head of the Republican Governors Association.”